Thursday, September 19, 2013

new blog, same name

So, I've recently decided that I need/want to get back into the blogging world. I just feel like I have SO much to say! I'm always finding things that I want to share and what better place to do that then here? I couldn't decided what to call my "new" blog and kept coming back to the name Webster Road because that's just perfect for me. It's where it all began: where I began as a little person growing up in Maine on Webster Road, where my store called Webster Road began here in Connecticut... it's a very fitting name for all things me and so, it's staying. 

Before I get into my new blog full swing let me clear things up as far as the store Webster Road goes-- it no longer exists. I closed it last winter after becoming a mom to the most adorable, sweet, perfect little girl last August. I realized that I wasn't going to be able to focus on the store as much as I liked once the little one came around and my heart just wasn't in it anymore as it was completely overtaken with my new tiny love. So, goodbye store- hello, stay-at- home-mommy! I absolutely love love love being at home everyday with my baby girl (who is getting so big I just can't believe how time is flying!) and have been able to keep my creative self happy with graphic design and decor projects here and there. One day down the road when I have more time to myself I might just jump back into the retail world or take on decorating and design full time but until then I hope to continue my freelance work and stay on top of my blogging as much as possible! I hope you enjoy my posts and I hope they lead you to some happy inspiration and finds!

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